German for medical and nursing occupations

Your contact: Petra Ernst

deutsch-label Our programme “German for medical and nursing occupations” is targeted at employees in retirement and nursing homes, out-patient nursing services, nursing facilities, hospitals and clinics.
The main objective is improvement of communication with the patients, doctors, supervisors, colleagues, administration and relatives.
In addition to oral skills, we also practise written formulation as well as maintenance and updating of documentation.
The prerequisite for participation are good basic German skills on language level A2.
Our Online Placement test will determine whether your present language skills are already sufficient or if there are still gaps to be filled.

Learning goals and contents

Terms and language processes in the everyday hospital and nursing work:

  • Anamnesis – admission and discharge
  • Communicating measured values – Communication with patients
  • Administering medication – Communication with relatives
  • Metabolism
  • Written documentation
  • Nutrition
  • Cultural awareness
  • Body care
  • And many others


Degree: Certification of your language skills

Level B1,
You can understand technical information on everyday or professional subjects from the area of nursing the elderly and sick and recognise main statements and individual information. You can communicate on familiar routine matters, as well as other subjects form the area of nursing the elderly and sick.
Level B2,
You can conduct and understand technical discussions and the main contents of complex technical texts from the area of nursing the elderly and sick. You can communicate spontaneously and fluently so that a normal conversation with native speakers is possible without difficulties.